Celebrating community resilience in this season of thanks giving!

Chinese Whispers Newsletter Vol 4.5

This time of celebration and giving thanks is especially meaningful as we face recent national events that challenge cross-cultural understanding across the country. We are grateful to you for supporting our work to bring hidden stories to light, and above all, we are grateful to those who paved the way for all of us in this country of immigrants. Their resilience and resolve in the face of challenges are inspiring reminders of the power of the human heart and spirit. read more…

November 24th, 2016

Community Voices

Chinese Whispers Newsletter Vol 4.4

Join us for an engaging afternoon with Calvin Fong on his father’s shrimping operation in Richmond, CA, and Mike Taggart on the archaeological excavation of the former shrimp camp at Pt. Molate. Sat. Dec. 12, 1:30 pm.
Enjoy the Bay Chronicles immersive multimedia art installation! read more…

November 25th, 2015

Bay Chronicles: Multimedia Art Installation

Chinese Whispers Newsletter Vol 4.3

Opening reception for the Bay Chronicles multimedia art installation by CW Director Rene Yung, Sat. Nov. 14, 4-6 pm — enjoy an exciting, immersive experience with sights and sounds from our sailing expedition to retrace Chinese shrimp fishing history in SF Bay! read more…

November 25th, 2015

Stories That Feed Us

CW is about your stories – everyday stories that connect and nourish us. Here, Candy Tsang of San Francisco and Ma-Lai Farrell of Walnut Creek talk about rice and share a favorite rice recipe. Enjoy!
SHARE YOUR RECIPE – email us with the following:

1. How do you cook rice?
2. What is your first memory of eating rice?
3. Share a story about rice from your family memories.
4. Your favorite rice recipe.

July 9th, 2015

History from the Heart

Chinese Whispers Newsletter Vol 4.2

I hope you had a good 4th! This time of celebration is a great reminder of our country’s wonderful web of cultural confluences – such as fireworks, invented in China, and an early trade item with America. At CW, we follow the intricacies of this web to relink threads that have often been broken, and reveal patterns that often go unnoticed. Weaving together research, stories, images, and sounds, we bring you unique works that cross borders between disciplines to connect people, place, and time. It is history from the heart, because people are at the heart of history. read more…

July 5th, 2015

Replenish Community Nourishment

Chinese Whispers Newsletter Vol 3.4

Thank you for being part of Chinese Whispers! 2014 has been a truly remarkable year, and all of us at CW are grateful for the amazing opportunities to reclaim, retell, and restore community memory in fresh and meaningful ways. In 2015 we look forward to new fruition in our innovations to bring overlooked histories to light, and continue the vital cycle of nourishment that empowers each of us as cultural and civic citizens. I hope you will make a tax-deductible year end gift today to support this important work. read more…

February 27th, 2015

A Gift of Cultural Citizenship

A Gift of Cultural Citizenship

We’re excited to let you know that 2 weeks into our Indiegogo campaign for the theater production of Chinese Whispers: Golden Gate, we’re halfway toward our first goal! We’re so grateful to everyone who helped get us here! Help us reach 70% by the end of week 3 – that’s just 12 people giving A SHOUT (see side bar), or 30 people choosing A CHEER perk from the campaign. read more…

December 17th, 2014


Chinese Whispers Newsletter Vol 3.3

Nine years ago, a visitor to an installation I made about the disappearance of the Chinese from the Boise Basin casually mentioned that he heard there had once been a Chinese acupuncturist in the backwoods of 19th century Idaho; surprised, I asked him what happened to the man. “Don’t know,” was the reply. “They went away.”

Chinese Whispers was born that day in modern-day Sun Valley. read more…

December 2nd, 2014

Nurturing Community, Amplifying Voice — Chinese Whispers: Golden Gate

Chinese Whispers Newsletter Vol 3.2

One thing for sure – we don’t sit around here at CW! We’re gearing up for our crowdfunding campaign for Chinese Whispers: Golden GateSM, our flagship storytelling production about the Bay Area. This theater production will combine historical stories with contemporary immigrant stories from our workshops with the Chinatown Y, to connect past and present. The production will include a custom soundscape and projections, and incorporate new stories from our research into Chinese shrimping. read more…

October 22nd, 2014

Retracing the forgotten history of Chinese shrimp fishing around San Francisco Bay



What do you do about 100 years of history that didn’t get into the history books? Right in our own backyard, here in the Bay Area? The history of Chinese shrimp fishing around San Francisco Bay is a rich and poignant story that has faded from public memory, but now you can learn about it through our exciting new project, Chinese Whispers: Bay Chronicles. read more…

August 29th, 2014
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